Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Unique Stilt Fisherfolk Of Sri Lanka...

The simple and successful art of stilt fishing
was conceived because the smart Sri Lanken fisherfolk knew the best way to catch fish was to keep the fish's environment as undisturbed
as possible.
You'll see folk from the beach towns of Weligama and Unawatuna on Sri Lanka's southern coast perched on their long poles that have been driven into the seabed and simply jigging a hook to attract the fish. They don't use bait but their unique technique works.
Unfortunately in the last few years since the Sri Lanken tsunami, fish stocks have declined and making a living posing for photos is now more lucrative than fishing.
A real shame but beautiful images...


  1. I saw a vehicle yesterday that reminded me of the house busses you are always talking about. Maybe I will put it on my bog tomorrow. It is a Texas house bus (grin).

  2. What beautiful images. I hope they catch enough for their own families.....

  3. Do they just walk to the stilts?