Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Learn How To Do This Amazing Balancing Act In Only Five Minutes...

Marco is a quick learner.
I only had to show him how to do this once.
He had it sorted in a flash.
If you're going to try this at home and you're over sixty, use a mobility scooter or a zimmer frame, make sure your medical insurance is up to date, please read the fine print, and make sure there's a qualified medical practitioner in attendence...


  1. Well, if Marco can do it in five minutes I could probably manage in about 10. Although all the prerequisites you mention, Keith have been attended to I will have to decline. A few years ago when I was just 59 years old I got enough exercise for a lifetime just pushing 60 and am perfectly fit in my recliner giving calisthenics advice like you.

  2. Sometimes I feel like that in the morning when I wake up.

  3. That's what eating a lifetime if Spagetti will give you

  4. Bet he's a bear to play Twister with, no?

    Why would I want to get into that position, anyway?