Friday, September 12, 2014

Ninety Year Olds Vivian And Alice Marry After Seventy Two Years Together...

Ninety one year old Vivian Boyack and Alice Dubes, at only ninety and the youngster of the loving couple, were married a few days ago in Davenport, Iowa.
They first met back in 1942.
Surrounded by close friends and family, the two gorgeous women held hands as they sat in their wheelchairs and were married by Reverend Linda Hunsaker.
We've had a good time together and it's taken a lot of love and hard work to keep a relationship going for all those years they said.
Iowa first allowed same sex marriage back in 2009 but then the newlyweds thought they were too young to get married. We're looking forward to the new chapter in our lives said Vivian.
There's life after ninety. Obviously...


  1. What a wonderful story.
    Homo or hetero - when love hits you, you'll have to pick it up. Isn't that so?
    These two women did, and they worked for it although it must have required some amount of courage and abstinacy during the years.
    In this matter times have changed to the better. The change in attitude of the ones who makes the Laws gave Vivian and Alice the opportunity to get married. I hope they had a nice feast after the ceremony.

  2. That's so cool , what a long time to be with some one