Thursday, August 14, 2014

You've Been Gone Seventy Years Husband. What Took You So Long She Said. I'm Sorry I'm Late He Said...

You've been gone for seventy years husband, what took you so long were the first words Zhang Suiyi said to her ninety four year old husband Pan Zhishan after a lifetime of being apart.
I'm sorry I'm late he said with a smile on his face.
And then they hugged and the love they had for each other all those years ago was re-ignited.
It wasn't as if Pan had gone down to the corner store for a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk.
He was torn from his new wife by war when Japanese forces invaded south eastern China.
Pan survived the war and then life and its complexities intervened. He was ordered back to his parents' home in China's Zhejiang Province where an arranged marriage awaited him.
Despite both coming from traditional Chinese families and being forbidden to marry without parental consent the two young lovers went ahead before he went to war and married, determined to snatch what joy they could.
Pan never knew Zang was pregnant.
She had never been out of his thoughts and recently an internet campaign by local media brought the two together for the traditional Qixi Festival, China's Valentines Day Celebration.
A beautiful love story isn't it.
Brings tears to the eyes...


  1. Glad they could finally get back together.

  2. Nice to know that some beautiful love stories are not just found in romantic books and movies but do come from reality even though the process to the happily ever after can be long and full of challenges..

    Hello Keith...*smiles*

  3. True love never dies. It survives everything..

  4. Looks like it's never too late for true love while both are still alive.