Monday, August 4, 2014

The P-Tree. For When He's There And Has To Go...

The P-Tree is a temporary, fun and  practical solution to an age-old problem.
Unable to prevent revellers peeing indiscriminately, the Roskilde Festival organisers in Denmark installed these colourful tree mounted urinals designed by the Dutch company Aandelboom.
The P-Tree is able to be fixed to almost any tree using a simple strap system designed to prevent any damage to the tree. They can be hooked up to a central sewage system or connected to individual tanks to be pumped out later.
Used by many festivals in Europe it's proven a great success for those who need to go without leaving where they are...


  1. Pardon the pun, but I bet the women are p_ssed that nothing similar was done for them, perhaps with some chest-high screening!

  2. Yes, and what about the ladies?

  3. I got lots of P-trees on my place, but they don't have urinals attached to them.

  4. Another accommodation for the crude & lazy: I do not want to see any man relieving himself in public. Disgusting! If pregnant women have enough dignity & restraint to find private bathrooms to use, these knuckle dragging Troglodytes can. At 8 1/2 mo's pregnant, I went to a Bowl game & checked the location of the bathrooms as we entered the stadium. I made 3 trips with no difficulty & maintained my self respect.

    1. Having been a pregnant woman, there were plenty of times I obviously didn't have enough dignity or restraint to wait for a private bathroom. Discretion is the better part of necessity. Having said that, I appreciate not having to step in random P spots, so the above works. Of course, having said THAT, I guess I do have some dignity called 'averting one's eyes' - no one makes someone watch anyone relieving him or herself in public (well, unless you are on the streets of certain cities where some think it's fine to stop in the sidewalk for relief).

  5. Ladies might avail themselves of the Go-Daddy adapter if in zippered or button front jeans and shorts ( or just go commando and squat!