Thursday, August 28, 2014

They Have Escaped The World. They Each Live In Their Own World. In Nature's World...

They have escaped the world.
They have escaped to live in their own worlds.
They have escaped in order to find sanctuary in the world of Nature.
And who can blame them.
Danila Tkachenko uses documentary photography as his genre.
His 'Escape' project focuses on the individual and society. And his subjects do not live in conventional society. They have escaped.
Perhaps to be trapped in another.
Danila researches the experiences of hermits, recluses who live sometimes for decades alone with nature. These folk live or exist in some people's eyes, in makeshift dwellings, mostly in the forests of Russia and the Ukraine.
Does the individual freed from the social environment become closer to their true self Danila asks. What happens to a person's personality when their 'social mask' is gone?
The answers are not offered. And do not matter.
Many will not envy their lack of creature comforts but they might well envy their simple, peaceful and resourceful way of life.


  1. Here in Hungary where I live, our forests are strewn with such hermits who are called involuntary survivalists. The reasons for being there are as varied as the individual. They have escaped city high rise dwellings to make a last ditch effort to live off the land in the woods, sometimes alone or with their families. Out of a job, out of money, out of a home and out of luck. Who would envy such a life?

  2. Voluntary or involuntary? These photos show Summer, but in Winter?? I'm certainly not envious of such a life.

  3. I do not envy these folks either, unless they are Monks, because there are too many interesting people, exciting places to see, books to read, opportunities to serve our fellowman, subjects to study & learn. Life should be more than "self". (If anybody believes the lady on the tree limb is enjoying her experience & not posing for a photo, just try it! I did, as a kid, & was bitten by a spider, skinned my legs & hieney & had to struggle to keep my balance long enough to show off to my playmates!)

  4. Don't see any women. There was a Japanese woman living such a life on Stewart island for a decade or more I believe. Pip