Saturday, August 16, 2014

If You Like Hanging Around, Try It Once In A Roomoon...

Tents hanging from trees is nothing new
but the Roomoon might be just the thing if you want to hang about.
Conceived and made by young design and technology graduate Rufus aka Roo Martin as a project while at Bryanston School at England's Dorset, the clever Roomoon has become his full-time business.
You can see more about the Roomoon here.
There's lot's to like even if the price is a bit high.
And you might even want to hang around more than once in a Roomoon...


  1. I love the name, the concept, the pictures......but I'm not convinced I'd like to sleep in one. Imagine getting down for a quick night-time pee!

  2. It could be called a "Womb Room". Tho I,m guessing that would take some both men and women..

  3. Not really the thing for campers on meds with diuretics. Imagine climbing down several times a night in the dark and trying to find a toilet. Maybe the 2015 model will have a bathroom.

  4. I shouldn't think the investment is worth it as it seems more a one time experience, like climbing the Statue of Liberty, but I'll take a tree house anytime!

  5. Love the concept & design, price way too high. I'd build one bigger (at least big enough for a chamber pot or something), and suspend it much higher off the ground, for real solitude and privacy. Half way up an old redwood, nobody's going to bother you unless they've got a helicopter.