Wednesday, August 20, 2014

And The Winners Of Britain's Shed Of The Year 2014 Are...

Are these sheds as imaginative as last year's winners I asked myself.
I don't think so replied self.
Joel Bird from North London and his Eco Shed at top with an allotment on it's roof won the overall prize. Good on you Joel.
Then there was the Reelwood Shed by Paul Slim, winner of the Unique Category. Alison Kynaston-Jones from Shropshire won the Cabin Summerhouse Category with her Caribbean Moroccan Retreat.
Mark Appleton's Appletons Arms Shed in Merseyside won the Pub Category. The Disco Shed by Paddy Bickerton and Aiden Larken from Oxfordshire won the Normal Category.
What's a Normal Category?
The Little Thatch Shed by Gemma and Jamie Dix from Bedford won the Garden Office Category.
Luke Hollingworth from Malmesbury in Wiltshire and his Stencil Shed won the Workshop Studio Category. Then there was Rennie and Albert's shed from the Sutton was a finalist in the Normal Category. And Richard Pims from Pembrokeshire and his Bottle Dome Shed made from around five thousand glass bottles was a finalist in the Eco Category. Vintage Motor Works was a finalist in the Workshop Category and The Gothic Retreat by Brian Bailey in Wolverhampton was a finalist in the Cabin and Summer House Category. And that's that for another year...


  1. five thousand glass bottles!!.. I'll have to find some drinking buddies .. fast

  2. Such wonderful creativity. Glad I don't have to find a favorite because that would be impossible. Each little architectural gem has a way of tattooing itself on the heart that once it's there cannot be removed.

  3. I could easily live in any one of these.

  4. Good idea putting an allottment on the roof. I hope the structure's sound and strong.....!

  5. Love them, I'd like to have a house like these.