Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wonderful Academic And Mother, Emma Orbach Shuns Society And Enjoys A Simple Back To Basics Lifestyle In A Self Built Mud/Straw House...

I love this wonderful woman.
And unless someone goes to visit her on her property on the lower slopes of Mount Carningli near the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire tells her she'll never know as she shuns all types
of technology.
And I don't think the postal service delivers.
I also admire this wonderful, inspiring mother of three and Oxford graduate with a degree in Chinese and an eccentric childhood for having the guts and the moral fortitude to eschew a life of plenty to be her own person, to walk to the beat of a different drum, to be true to herself
and her own values.
Emma Orbach has shunned society and I can't say I blame her. She lives in a roundhouse made from mud, straw and horse manure she fashioned herself with her own hands.
The same hands that milk the goats, that collect the eggs from her seven chickens, the hands that collect water from the stream, the hands that lovingly tend her horses and chop her firewood. The same hands that play the harp and her instrument of wind.
Emma is a Renaissance woman.
She is a victor not a victim.
She is a wonderful example to so many.
Emma has spent more than thirteen years living a simple, almost medieval existence with no electricity and growing her own food.
There's more about Emma here and here.
Often referred to as Mrs Bilbo Baggins, Emma Orbach lives peacefully and quietly in her Hobbit House named Tir Ysbrydol meaning 'Spirit Land' in Welsh, without the noise and distractions of television, computers, social media and the woeful world news.
Emma, you are an eccentric inspiration.
And I applaud you...


  1. Well how amazing....I would say she has a life of plenty. But knowing the climate in Wales I am astounded that she could do it .......the endless rain and damp, the darkness. It makes me aware of how wonderful electricity is. It makes me very curious about Emma. Maybe I'll have to seek her out in her hobbit hole....

  2. In a less enlightened time, she probably would be considered a witch! And she has to pay council tax! They are rather despicable those officials. The tax is supposed to cover the provision of amenities. I wonder what they provide for her. Good on her though to live her life in her own way.

  3. Congratulations Emma for having the fortitude to swim against the current of societal expectation. Most people are never able to do what would make them happy. Although I am in awe of you I would find it impossible to willfully divorce my computer.

  4. A modern day David Henry perhaps.. I do hope she is writing lots for future generations.. I would love to follow her example.. some day soon I hope

    1. As much as I admire the life and philosophies of Henry David Thoreau, he didn't have the dedication to living simply as Emma does. He lived by Walden Pond for only a couple of years and it's said that he'd take his laundry home for his mother to do...

    2. I am guessing that Henry David Thoreau is largely misunderstood by most people. In order to understand Thoreau, you have to understand the social context in which he lived. It was a world of Work, Work, Work till you drop over dead. He was rebelling against the current work ethic which he considered totally uncalled for and very excessive. His time spent at Waldon was most likely an "Experiment in Living" to prove a point. Thoreau never ever realized he would become very famous, he became famous after he died. Also, take into consideration that he had other responsibilities such as his fathers pencil factory which employed people. I think Thoreau was just trying to have a quality life, not one which revolved around long hours working the farm trying to generate a large income. My own family were caught up in this type of work, work mentality - and what's worth noting is most of them died with not much to brag about in spite of all their work.

  5. Yes, but he was just a man...Emma is a woman..and therefore would do any thing she did thoroughly..

  6. Funny I was just thinKing about her and wondering if she was still liven that way

  7. I love her place. She seems incredibly interesting. I agree with Marilyn - I hope she is writing. I wish her the best and wish that I would have the opportunity to visit.

  8. How courageous. But lonely. Pip