Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wildboy Brando Yelavich Arrives At Tokerau Beach In The Far North Having Nearly Completed Walking The Entire New Zealand Coastline...

My young friend Wildboy Brando arrived at one of the most beautiful places on the planet yesterday afternoon.
I'd been waiting for him there.
It wasn't any hardship, it's a place where The Flying Tortoise chooses to spend a lot of time. And why not.
Brando arrived with his dad Todd who'd taken a few days off from work to continue the wonderful bonding that this father and son enjoy.
Brando has now walked over 8,300 kilometers on his epic journey to become the first person to walk the entire New Zealand coastline.
He hasn't got far to go now and will be spending a lot of time in the coming days pondering on just what he's going to do next.
He's due to complete his historic journey where he started in February 2013 at Cape Reinga, on August twenty three.
The Flying Tortoise will delight in being there to congratulate him...


  1. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place..........and by the way..well done Brando!

  2. Yes, those are very beautiful pictures.

  3. Good shots there Old Fellow

  4. Great achievement he must be so proud of himself and nearly there. Go Brando

  5. Big SMILES all round the Land of the Long White Cloud...Well done..

  6. Cheering you on Brando from here in Budapest. What an accomplishment! You won't need to top this because it's as good as it gets.

  7. You've really got a "thing" going for that tree, eh Keith? Is there something about that conifer that makes it so special? Maybe a P-Tree receptacle at the base of the trunk or something?

    1. We are both lone trees. It keeps me company and I it. This little Norfolk Pine speaks to me and is a fine neighbour. I need no other. We share the nights and the days, the sun and the moon, the stormy and the soothing sea. We are part of each other. We ask for nothing from each other. We are the best of friends...

  8. Beautiful Pictures. It looks like The Flying Tortoise lies there so quiet to be on the lookout for the special moment when a happy father and son appears.

  9. Such a cool cool thing, Brando reaching his everest. When you see him Keith can you pass on my bestest regards when you give him the biggest bear hug. xxx. Hey I adore the photo with the moon. The colours are amazing. Pip
    Hey I have put a diesel heater in our van - tried it out and love it!!

  10. Well done Brando. I met him at Huketere on the third day of what has become his epic and I'm sure life changing walking journey.
    I love the tree in all it's moods... I've parked close by myself... A favourite place... the tree looks as though it's had a trim underneath. It's looking very happy.