Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dubai Expects 180 Million Tourists A Year To Visit The First Temperature Controlled City With The Mall Of The World, Touted As The Planet's Largest Shopping Center...

Some people will want to throw up or at least throw up their arms in horror at the thought of this monstrosity with it's excess of everything. Can you imagine the mass of humanity crowded into it's forty eight million square feet of shopping space and the thousands of hotel rooms catering for them. No wonder they're also having a three million square foot 'wellness district' dedicated
to rejuvenation.
You'd need rejuvenation alright and more
after a day in that environment.
This project will evidently complement Dubai's plan to transform itself into a cultural, tourist and economic hub for the two billion people living in the region around them. Amazing.
I can't imagine anyone wanting to retain some sanity in their lives going anywhere near Dubai's latest dubious display of crassness.
But there's no accounting for taste...


  1. It has been said that Dubai is Vegas, minus the alcohol and fun.

  2. If it's maintained like everything else in Dubai the lifts will work alternate days and the air conditioning will by ice cold but laden with Legionaries disease!
    And when the oil starts running out it won't be worth a bean, but that applies to most of the middle east.

  3. This project certainly seems like the biggest temple to the god of consumerism ever built. Sure glad it's not in my neighborhood.

  4. This will not make attractive ruins.