Friday, August 8, 2014

Camping And Caravanning. Images From Way Back When...

Oh yes those were the days some of you old enough to remember will be thinking right now.
These images, the first one has featured here before, come from around 1915 through to the late 1960's and remind us that what we're doing today is nothing new.
They had good ideas way back when too and while most didn't bring their plane with them, such a thing was possible.
They did things with style too in those days and getting away from it all was a lot simpler.
Then there was unemployed shipyard worker David Weatherhead from Sunderland who designed and built his one man caravan he travelled with while he looked for work.
He would have had a job just pulling it...


  1. I love that bike caravan.......that 's my dream!

  2. I remember the one in the first picture. I guess I am giving away my age.

  3. I remember a trailer tent as a child. How cute they all are. Pip