Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dancing Dolphins Delight With A Dazzling Display...

Delighted holidaymakers on a Gwithian beach near St Ives in Cornwall recently couldn't believe their luck when small pod of Bottlenose dolphin treated them to a dazzling display of diving, ducking and dancing only a few meters away.
Then the local life guards had a helicopter encourage them away from the swimmers.
Spoil sports...


  1. What's a dolpin if not a sporty swimmer? I would have liked to see the showdance.

  2. I can't imagine the swimmers minded this display one bit. Can't fathom scaring them away.

  3. Silly life guards. Everyone knows that a submarine would be a much more effective and entertaining method of chasing dolphins. Although, a helicopter would be a great way of deploying depth charges...

    1. Mr Shark this blog is monitored by the US Wildlife Protection And Environmental Agency. You are in very deep trouble...