Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wolfgang Feierbach's Amazing 1960's Futuristic Psychedelic Plastic House...

The 1960's was a crazy time for some and the young German designer Wolfgang Feierbach was determined to bring some colour back into the post-war era.
His Kunststoffhaus FG 2000 was constructed in the late 1960's and was one of a few prefabricated fibreglass and plastic houses designed and built at that time.
He designed most of the furniture with Dieter Rams and the company Rohm and Haas also contributing to the futuristic interior.
And the carpet on the ceiling?
God knows what drugs inspired that concept but they were designed by Verner Panton.
Thankyou Verner.
We've lived in some interesting times...


  1. I like the idea of the carpet on the ceiling. I might follow that up.....

  2. I loved this sorta thing back in the day. Can't say it's quite to my taste right now, but I'll say this for it: the world needs more weird visions.

    Me, I wanna build a papier mache house - the ultra-affordable material (don't think it hasn't been done). Then I'll get to work on a papier mache boat (& that's been done too!). The tricky bit is the waterproofing.

  3. A ceiling like that in my bedroom would give me psychedelic dreams.

  4. We need more experimentation with housing. What's life without a bit of fun?

  5. It aint a Mc Mansion. Love the colors.