Friday, August 29, 2014

Dear God Of Small Miracles...

Please let there be enough.
I promise, if there's enough there I'll be very good and won't waste it on trivial pursuits.
Or should I be talking to the God of Big Miracles.
Yes I know there was a time when a fool and her money were soon parted but now it seems to happen to everybody. I'm aware there's no great shame in being poor but I have to tell you,
it's very inconvenient.
And while I know that money can't buy me happiness I'm sure it can make poverty
much more pleasant...


  1. Ha Ha..........the modern shrine!

  2. It turns out that while money can't buy happiness, it can rent it. :)

  3. Thou shall not have idle gods before ME.Or I'am going to the casino to winnnnnnnn.

  4. This is the absolute no brainer-which is more appealing?
    Contemplating your unhappiness while begging for coins on the street or contemplating your unhappiness while sipping cocktails poolside?

  5. Your commentary makes perfect sense of a pretty bizarre photo. I like that.