Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Breaking News. A Child Fell Out Of A Tree And Broke It's Leg. Trees Are Dangerous Said The Bureaucrats At Regina Beach. We Must Cut The Trees Down...

Is it me or does this story prove that the world really has gone stark raving mad.
A child fell out of a tree and broke their leg at Regina Beach in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.
Hardly a big deal. The child and its parents will cope with the minor accident without counselling or psychiatric help. The child will probably grow up and have kids of its own who will climb trees.
If there's any trees left.
There are children in the Middle East and other war zones having their heads and limbs blown off by mortar shells. But that's another matter.
The trees are dangerous. We must protect our children said the Sasketchewan Ministry of Parks, obviously more nervous of being sued than the happiness of the Regina Beach Residents.
We've done a risk assessment and this tree in particular is a safety hazard said the bureaucrats.
As you might well imagine, this ridiculous situation went down like a ton of bricks with the locals and they gathered in numbers and prepared to stand by their beloved trees around the clock to prevent them being cut down.
The Parks people are re-assessing
the situation...


  1. They are afraid of being sued........and yes, the world is a
    Completely Crazy place if you happen to live in it.

  2. Another civil servant butt's covered.. AND the people still believe they have the power..What more do you want from life?? ROMANCE!!

  3. Wouldn't be surprised if soon it would be illegal to have children. After all, they will die eventually so there's no point in bothering with all the stuff that comes in between.

  4. Probably start suing parents for lettin them ge hurt .