Friday, February 21, 2014

You'll Love This Beautifully Simple Tiny Off Grid House On The Beach In Uruguay...

I found this gorgeously simple tiny off grid house sited on the beach, surrounded by sand dunes in Uruguay over at Tiny House Talk.
Architect Alejandro Gonzales and a team of builders made some changes to the little space making it habitable.
They equipped it with candles and lanterns, a simple kitchen and bathroom, a sleeping loft and a living area.
Apart from a 4wd vehicle to get you there, what more could you possibly want...


  1. "Apart from a 4wd vehicle to get you there, what more could you possibly want..."

    Neil Young said it best:

    "A man needs a maid"

    ...that and a nearby place to buy good pizza and dark beer.

  2. I did a blog post on this place about a year ago, it still sticks in my mind as one of the best. The story behind it is pretty interesting as well.

    1. Nice that you've been there and enjoyed its simplicity. It's a place that's good for the soul...

  3. Cute as a red wagon!

  4. 4WD on those sand dunes? Terrible idea. I'd want a triumphal chariot of antimony drawn by camels. It's gotta be high enough so they don't poop on the driver's footrest; like this one:

    This is all it takes to satisfy my modest wants.