Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cie Willi Dorner Calls It Bodies In Urban Spaces But It Could Just Be Group Therapy...

Bodies in Urban Spaces has featured on The Flying Tortoise previously.
It's a unique performance where dancers move throughout a city and organise their bodies into the nooks and crannies of public spaces.
Created by Austrian based Cie Willi Dorner, the series produces a relationship between people and their everyday surroundings.
Since 2007 Mr Dorner has produced performances in France, Austria, Portugal, the US, the UK, Germany and Spain.
It still looks like group therapy to me...


  1. And I thought it was crowded here. . . .

  2. Nice creative ideas, obviously young fit people, obese people could crush/smother...I'm up for it, however I know no-one else who would be! Ahwwwww!

  3. Just love funny, creative and alternative people such as these dancers. That first picture is a little scary though. City building corners are a favourite place for doggies to answer nature's call. Dancing in a corner, going head first in a totem pole like pose is, get the picture of what awaits the nose.

  4. Didn't we just Cie this on your blog a few days ago?

    These performers would make a much bolder statement if they did their work without the clothing!

    1. Au Mr Naturale, you did Cie Willie Dorner doing something similar a year or so ago.
      It's good to see you're paying attention...

  5. Fabulous. I'd love to come across it live. Pip

  6. Are people really this bored in life? This get's a "wtf" blank stare from me.

  7. Interesting, but I'm glad it's somebody else doing it not me. Some of those situations look waaay too claustrophobic.