Monday, February 3, 2014

Some Of The World's Wonderful Hobbit Houses...

Some very strange people think Hobbits are fictional characters.
But most of us know very well that in reality they've existed as long if not longer than Middle Earth itself.
A long time ago these wonderful folk had to leave their original home of the Shire and were fortunately rescued by the ancestors of a mild mannered Englishman who wrote of them and who spread their ways across the world.
Unfortunately a spell cast by Gandalf the White means that some people will never see them but if ever the skeptical open their hearts, their minds and eyes, they'll see evidence of the Hobbits existence.
Why, they need look no further than this very page to see some of the Hobbit's wonderful homes...


  1. I never knew Hobbits were capitalists but there seem to be such a great variety of houses, large and small, basic and sumptuous......I love the underground living - if the sixth one down is Skara Brae in Orkney it's supposed to be the first ever record of community living

  2. These Hobbit homes are so fascinating and fabulous that I'm absolutely rendered speechless---a condition a woman rarely finds herself in and is willing to admit.