Thursday, February 6, 2014

America's Rockabilly Community Love Living Life Like It's The 1950's...

This is how it was in the US of A in the 1950's and this is how it is for the Rockabillies today.
They're spread across the US and their love of the fifties clothes cars and culture keep them refreshingly apart from mainstream America.
They're known as eccentrics too.
They don't just drive perfectly preserved cars from the era, they know how to mend and maintain them too.
They don't throw away a broken toaster.
They fix it.
The Rockablillies are a wonderful example of an era not that long gone for some of us.
There's more to know about those days here.
Jennifer Greenburg immersed herself among the Rockabilly Communities for a decade as a participant and as a voyeur and photographer. Her wonderful images record an autonomous and unique way of life...


  1. I grew up in the '50's in the U.S. so know exactly what you are talking about. Brings back some great memories. Thanks.

  2. If anyone's interested, the television in the second photo is a Philco "Predicta". They were notoriously difficult to keep in good repair because of the need to run 22,000 volts DC through the supporting arms and pivots to the anode of the picture tube. After a couple of years, the insulation in the high voltage wire would begin to break down and leak, and the whole thing took on the appearance of a big Jacob's Ladder.

    Can't help wondering what the folks in the 50's that these people are emulating would think of their tats and piercings...

    1. Dear Mr Attention To de Tale.
      Thankyou once again for sharing your astute observations...

  3. What a colourful world we live in, pip

  4. Mercifully, we did not have tattooed people with piercings in their ears as big as quarters except in freak shows.

  5. Where is this city ? , I would love to move there myself.