Saturday, February 15, 2014

What A Simply Beautiful Idyllic Place To Be...

Isn't this just the most beautiful idyllic setting.
Far far away from the crazy world.
I was over at Kent Griswold's Tiny House Blog and this beautiful photo by Alex von der Assen was featured as the week's Tiny Home In A Landscape.
The little cabin is at Loch Voil, a small fresh water loch in the Scottish highlands.
Just don't tell everybody...


  1. I could stand to spend some time there. Sitting on the porch with a fishing pole in my hand.

  2. Yes indeed, this little cabin on the loch is right out of a storybook. There's no point telling us not to tell anybody because you have already told everyone yourself. But why keep a good thing a secret anyway?

  3. It'll just be our secret .

    Fishing... I dunno. Sounds awfully stressful. How bout reading a good novel?

  4. idyllic....til the mosquitoes start......

  5. In Scottish parlance mozzie's are "midges" and this time of year in Scotland it's raw in the extreme.

  6. A marvellous shot indeed! Have been there myself about two weeks ago and we actually discovered this lone cabin at the shore of Loch Voil. Such a wonderful place and some tranquility that seem to move from the surroundings to your soul indeed. The sign on the door says "Retreat Hut" btw... :)