Monday, February 10, 2014

These Wonderful Simple Pieces Of Wooden Art Are For More Than Just Sitting On...

I love chairs. And I love wood.
I once had a collection of beautiful chairs but when I minimalised my life to live on a yacht the chairs became the victims of downsizing.
It was an ok thing to do.
I realised I couldn't collect all the beautiful chairs in the world so why have any. I could look, admire, love any chair in any art collection anywhere in the world without the need to own it.
And so, with all that in mind I bring you this collection of beautiful wooden chairs, some very wabi-sabi, that I've fallen in love with
in recent times.
I'm very happy that other people own them.
I just want to be able to look at them... 


  1. I smiled at the one with the logs sitting on a fireplace grate. If'n you don't like it, just set it on fire. . .

  2. Now your talking my language...Photo 1.....wabi wabi
    Photo 13 is a Maloof Chair, I've spent time in the masters workshop (twice) Chairs in my book have to look good and feel good.

  3. I have rejoined your followers. I hope that is alright. I miss this blog.

  4. I so get this post, Keith. I found myself staring for ages at each one and enjoying the experience of just looking. I will definitely return to gaze again at these beautiful and functional objects.

  5. My favourites are 3, 4 and 18. Wonderful aren't they. Pip

  6. The one with the leaf back. Definitely.