Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This Very Clever Chinese Architectural Student Deserves Top Marks For His Innovative Tiny 75 Sq Ft House...

Before The Flying Tortoise there was The Little Red Truck which was a 1952 Morris Commercial flat-deck truck with a basic plywood box constructed on the back.
It was only 75 square feet and a simply beautiful space to live in.
Congratulations to this young Chinese Architectural student, whoever he is, on this highly imaginative, innovative and wonderful little wooden house.
It's difficult to design and build a home of this size that's easy to live in.
Somehow he's managed to include a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedroom, study, dining area and a tiny deck into this tiny space.
There's no information available on the student or the house detail but if you look carefully you'll pick up some big ideas...


  1. Excellent, I love it. Thanks for posting. Shared.

  2. Wish I had that much room in my boat.

  3. What, no "composting toilet"?

    At least they managed to get the photovoltaics on the top instead of the bottom...

    1. Dear Mr Obvious. Amazing isn't it. On both matters...

  4. It has some Great ideas .