Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This Solo 456 Garden Spray Is One Of The Most Useful Gadgets On Board The Flying Tortoise...

The Solo 456 Garden Sprayer is one of the most handy gadgets on board The Flying Tortoise.
I've been using one of these wonderful water saving German made garden sprays for the last twenty three years, firstly on my yacht Sofia, on my liveaboard yacht Shoestring, then The Little Red Housetruck and for the last seven years on The Flying Tortoise.
It's used as a marvelously simple alternative to an electric bilge pump shower, requiring no electrics it can be filled with hot or cold water. Its effective nozzle delivers a good spray not just a mist and whatever use you put it to, it uses very little water. When you live in a small space, every tool or toy should have at least a couple of uses.
This not inexpensive gadget does much more than that.
I use it to rinse the dishes prior to washing them, for rinsing my hands, rinsing the sand from my feet after being on the beach, cleaning the windows and would you believe it, it's great for watering the garden...


  1. What a great idea :)

  2. And you've only just begun....
    Nice on Keith!

  3. Sheer brilliance im on high alert for more, cheers Keith and Cathy

  4. Yes... Great idea. I got one to try it out. It's certainly a water saver.

  5. The only thing that could improve .....rig up a foot you could have both hands free.

  6. Congratulations again Keith for showing us how to live large while living small. You've got it down to an art but best of all you are sharing it with others so they can do the same.

  7. They also are great for cleaning the porta potty. Toilet brushes just don't do the job when there is no bowl of water. :D

  8. super cool ! did you modify the extremity ? look a lot shorter ?

    1. The spray wand was originally long and yes I shortened it...