Thursday, February 20, 2014

Now, For Your Amusement Here's Kama The Surfing Pig...

Yes I know we've had The Talking Horse, The Flying Dog, The Flying Tortoise, The Flying Pig and now we have Kama The Surfing Pig.
Well Kama is a pet pig who surfs the waves of Hawaii with his human Kai Holt.
Life for Kama has been a series of happy accidents. Firstly Kai found the little piglet abandoned on Bellows Beach in Oahu, then the little pig fell into Kai's family swimming pool. And started swimming. Kai figured if he could swim he could probably surf.
And he does.
And brings smiles to all those who see him.
Next week just for something different I'll feature Tipsy the tightrope walking elephant...


  1. Cool blog today......I love pigs - that's why I never eat ham.
    And what a happy man that little piglet's human is...!

  2. I love that little pig to.Two bad most of Hawaii eats their # one Spam.Better for him on a board than on a plate.