Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some Of The World's Oldest Motorhomes...

These tiny homes on wheels are some of the oldest around, from even further back than way back when, and that's a long long time ago.
The second one is reputedly the world's oldest but I'm sure someone will either prove me right or wrong.
I love them all but the top one is my favourtist.
And you're right, there's no such word...

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  1. They are all incredible and different and each quite unique. So different from today's modern styles - even from my 43 year old house bus.

  2. How wonderful are these? - just goes to show, there's a gypsy in all of us that crosses time and tides.

  3. They are pretty cool such style . I love the farm house one .looks like they have the barn as well

  4. looks simple these old motorhomes, good only if youl live in a warm weather