Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Very Zen Guitar Footstand...

So I said to my friend Ben.
You remember Ben, the wonderful artist and craftsman who created the Arthouse featured on here a few days ago, who's sometimes strange but mostly genius...
that I was going to buy an adjustable footstand for when I'm playing guitar.
We chatted about possible heights a stand might be and minutes later he presented me with this totally Zen footstand, totally adjustable to three different heights, perfectly portable and with no moving parts.
Now to the untrained eye,
this is just a block of wood...
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  1. Great design, 3 different heights depending on which way you lay it down. Height, width, length. One of the three will work for sure.

  2. As I say "Why design a pen to work in outer space when a pencil does the job?"

  3. Possibly the design could be enhanced with pink and grey highlights? Or would that be saddling its essential robustness with puny overtones.

  4. Why fool around thrashing an idea for years when just minutes will do. Beautiful result.

  5. How does the other block of wood feel about this new one coming along, hope its not a case of threes a crowd.

  6. As an Offactologist, the other block of wood, however lovely to look at, for me had lost its beautiful fragrance and was past its use-by-date. I gave it fiery funeral rights as was befitting a piece of Macrocarpa. It warmed me to do this. This Zen footrest, a block of recycled Totara and a New Zealand native is a joy to look at, has two uses and was, as I've said, crafted by my genius friend. My foot will rest on it forever...

  7. Hi Keith
    My first comment,you really cheer me up every day I visit your blog.
    Footstool natural,practical,and simplistic, a footstool you could hug...

  8. Similar to your footstand I found an advertisement for an oak seat or table 40x45x40 cm, weight 60kg. The price is remarkable = EUR 265.

  9. Nice, and as you said, very "Zen". I still use a foldable for my classical playing, but am getting used to no foot stand at all when playing songs.