Friday, October 15, 2010

Definately Not Boring...

Just outside of Takaka
in the South Island's Golden Bay area,
is this delightfully colourful,
whimsical place.
What sort of character
do you think lives here...

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  1. A sunglasses salesman?

  2. A colorful dude for sure. Either that or an undecided fellow who can't make up his mind what color he wanted to use.

    Yep Frann, he could sell a lot of sunglasses to people passing by.

  3. Naw! He's a paint salesman with loadsa samples to use up.

  4. It just has to be a two storyed house for the little people they all wanted there own colour.Im sure i can see some little pointed hats in the windows ,it will be my irish backgrown that allows me to see them

  5. Test pots were used. Last years colours were available cheap this year. So never let a chance go bye...

  6. I reckon it is Brad Pitt/ Angelina Jolie's secret hideout for their merry band of " Rainbow" children to quote Ms Jolie......