Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday Boy.....

This was a long time ago,
when he believed in Father Christmas.
And in the Tooth Fairy too.
And he was so damned cute.
Now he's not so sure about Father Christmas.
Or the Tooth Fairy.
And as for cute. Well...
Anyway, today's his sixty sixth birthday.
How time flies...
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  1. Happy birthday to you (repeated)
    Never mind Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy there are other beliefs that we can console ourselves with. Such as "Every cloud has a silver lining" and all the other props we have to live by.

  2. Happy birthday you young whipper snapper. I wouldn't mind being 66 again. When I turned 66 my cousin sent me a card saying to take a drive on old route 66, a famous old highway here in the U.S.

  3. Happy Birthday Special K, I hope you have a wonderful day up there in the sun. Hugs to the piece of wood also...

  4. Just for you...

    66 years gone, footloose and fancy free,
    Friends you’ve met,
    Experiences you’ve had,
    Are great, we’d all agree…..

    Places you have taken your home,
    It must have been a hoot,
    All the best for your birthday, Keith,
    even in your Birthday suit….XX

  5. Happy birthday to the young Flying Tortois Resident from Germany where your birthday is just beginning with a special sunrise in autumn. According to "Udo J├╝rgens" life begins with 66 and I try to add the link

  6. Thankyou lovely people for your kind thoughts and wishes. I've had a great day. A friend just told me that while I was certainly not getting any younger, I was not getting any better either... Whatever that means...

  7. Im sure you made the most of your day.Just think it was like only yesterday you were happy to get your first super payment and that was a year ago ,best wishes and hugs

  8. Yes it was super to get that payment. What payment? Oh how time flies when you're having fun! Now off to the beach...

  9. A fellow Libra!! Happy B-Day!

  10. Welcome to the "nearer seventy than sixty club" Keith; I've been in for ten months now and am thoroughly enjoying it!