Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Laidback Bedford Rally...

Next weekend, Labour Weekend,
will see many beautiful Beddy's arriving from all over for this years Bedford Rally at Paeroa Racecourse.
Expect to see some wonderful and unusual housebuses, brimming with idiosyncratic individualism.
In other words, some really interesting and fun housebuses.
Their owners will be much the same.
Colourful characters who've been on the road for years, actually living the dreams of many.
See you there...
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  1. Looking forward to it, but I will have to make some hurried changes to mine to make it fit in. Oh, that's right, mine ain't a Bedford.

  2. We have some skillfull surgical engineers here DD, a nip here, a tuck there, a decent paint job, a new marque on the front and you're virtually a Beddy. Then there would be a mandatory course of counselling. Your hair and beard look good enough though. See you next weekend. Bring Ruth, she can sell her art and crafts...

  3. Laid back in a beddy. What a great time you are going to have in Paeroa!

  4. Come on Bill, you can make it up here. We can do a body transplant, add a few dents, a paint job and your bus will look like a Beddy in no time...