Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jucy Rentals Leave A Bad Taste...

This French tourist, one of three in this little Jucy rental van urinates for the world to see and doesn't give a damn.
Sure, peeing in public is not a hanging offence but this 'el cheapo' Jucy van doesn't have a toilet so it begs the question, where do these people shit?
When I spoke to him, I got the 'Sorry I no speak English' response but he made it clear that if it was good enough for the cows in the paddock over the way to shit where they liked, it was ok for him too.
I made it very clear using language he and his friends were bound to understand to go away, go home and don't come back.
I then contacted Jucy Rentals who have recently won an award for innovation in the tourist industry!
I did more than suggest they innovate a portable toilet in all of their hire vehicles.
Being part of a Freedom Camping Forum isn't good enough. Paying lip service isn't good enough. Put your money where your mouth is Jucy!
Freedom Camping, my lifestyle, the health, well being and beauty of New Zealand is at risk by these hire companies who pretend to care about the environment but care more about the dollar...
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  1. These people don't have a clue...
    They are just here on this earth to rape the world of everything they can steal for themselves without giving a damn about anybody else.
    Sorry to see this happening in your area, but glad that you gave them an ear full.

    I had a similar experience come to home. these idiots were dumping their waste tanks right in the parking lot of a Walmart.

  2. Good on you for speaking up and to them. If we don't we will be walked over by the tourist and rental companies.

  3. Good spotting Keith. This is becoming a big problem in our beautiful country. And us responsible freedom campers are getting tared with the same brush. Thanks for doing something about it.

  4. Good for you! There's no excuse, portable toilets
    are widely available and very cheap. There's even one on the market (we don't sell them) which is made of lined cardboard and is about £15. Google Shit box and you'll see it.

  5. hopefully,tourists are here to save our economy bitch, and public toilets exists. this guy is just stupid but no one shits on the grass