Monday, October 25, 2010

Not Only But Also...

The fabulous 'Big Beddy Brothers Blues Band' performed to the delighted diners who made their way through a mountain of 'Fish 'n Chips' last night before they all take off today to various places around the country.
Everyone who came in twenty three beauiful Beddies had a wonderful time and are looking forward to 'An Even More Laidback Beddy Rally' next year...
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  1. Wow, that is neat. What is the ceiling made of? Looks like fabric of some sort. And I see since they couldn't find two regular guitar players they got one who plays the 12 string. That makes up two 6 string guitars. What is the 4 string instrument? Is it a tennor guitar, a uke, or what?

  2. Hi DD, what a busy and wonderful weekend it's been. Yes the ceiling is a fine sacking material and the four stringed instrument is a uke...