Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wonderful News...

The thirty three miners who've been trapped seven hundred metres underground for sixty nine days are now free!
But you probably know that already.
There are some wonderful things happening out there in the world.
This result has been one of them.
It's too nice not to share.
Here, Florencio Avalos, the first miner freed is jubilantly embraced by Chilie's President, Sebastian Pinera.
Welcome to Life Brave Miners!
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  1. In this troubled world, it is alway great to see good news in the head lines for a change. A lot of people need a lot of credit for doing the "impossible", as do the miners who kept their health and sanity.

  2. I heard one of the miner's wife met his girlfriend while they were waiting! I bet he was the last guy out..

  3. Oh dear Fran, it transpires there were 2 girlfriends! plus wife. He said his first worry when trapped was that his wife would become suspicious he was up to no good. Having heard what his wife now says, he may have cause to look back on those days underground as the last peaceful ones he ever gets.