Thursday, October 7, 2010

High On A Hill...

High on Helen's Hill
there's this wonderful little hideaway.
It's made completely of recycled materials with no electricity and very little plumbing.
It's very rustic and gorgeous don't you think...
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  1. Where do you find all these wonderful places to take your pictures? New Zealand must be a glorious place.

  2. There are beautiful places everywhere DD and yes, New Zealand is well endowed with many. Nowdays though, overseas 'investors' with unlimited finances come to claim some of this paradise for themselves and unfortunately land prices rise and force the locals out... But there are still places off the beaten track...

  3. I thought that New Zealand had very strict immagration laws and that applied to outside capital, too. Must have been misinformed.

  4. New Zealand does have strict immigration rules. But as you know, money talks and mega-money from offshore talks louder than little local people can shout. The little people's wishes are simply ignored. It's nothing new but it is changing this country and rarely for the better...

  5. Yeah, every time I go to NZ, Customs always pull me aside and inspect my beard for weevils, birds, elephants. etc...

    But yes, it is a beautiful place. I zig-zagged across the North island many years ago. Then met up with a friend in Wellington (specifically, Karori).

  6. Yes they are really cracking down on people trying to smuggle elephants into NZ in their beards. Lots of people in Karori keep them as pets...