Monday, October 4, 2010

Footprints On The Mahurangi...

I went sailing yesterday on David and Allison's Junk rigged 10m liveaboard yacht Footprints. A wonderful day for a sail and lunch at Saddle Island in the Hauraki Gulf. The waters around Northlands coast boast some of the finest cruising grounds in the world and the Mahurangi area with Kawai Island are a couple of favourite places of mine.
Footprints has a 51sq metre beautifully tanned sail and a 9.9 Yamaha outboard in a well. Her interior is large, liveable and traditional.
She was the first to be built to the plans of my original 'Shoestring'.
But that's another story...
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  1. Wow, TFT, I bet you really enjoyed that. I will have to tell you sometime about the boat I almost had, except the owner reneged. Wonder where my life would have gone if I had bought it?

  2. Haha DD, you know what they say... 'The two happiest days of my life, the day I bought my boat and the day I sold it'. But that's another story...

  3. wow you would have had a amazing day so pleased for you .That would have bought back some memories good and bad

  4. I love your life!