Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Tito Ingenien lives in the city of Quilmes, just south of Buenos Aires.
This amazing man has crafted a huge home out of six million empty beer bottles over the last nineteen years.
I'm surprised he's been able to stand up long enough to build this place.
Tito's evidently still drinking and still building.
I don't know if he does the two things at the same time.
He says the neighbours consume a lot of beer and save their empties for him.
Tito's at
Call in and have a drink with the man.
It's my shout...
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  1. Saves hauling all the clinking glass to the trash dumpster! As long as it doesn't turn into a skyscraper it is great.

  2. theres a bottle house down the bottom of the south island ,these people must be so energetic