Saturday, October 2, 2010

The First Music Lesson...

I finally did it.
Last night I had my first music lesson.
Fifteen years after starting to play the guitar.
Thinking always that reading music was too hard,
I've played around with tablature and my own funny improvisations.
No more folks. I'm into it now.
Hey, it looks as simple as ABC.
Must remember to book Carnagie Hall...
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  1. What does Andantino mean. Let us see, And means an additional and antino must mean a tiny ant in Italian. So it means " an additional tiny ant", right?

    I have picked at a guitar for about 40 years and still do not know how to play it. Maybe you can come with the broken lawn mowers and give me a lesson or ten.

  2. Plinketty, plunk, plunketty, plink.....Way to go, FT!!!

  3. Well done mate. Having started my music school I can only say Well Done!

    Reading music is handy. I don't know how I got by without it all these years. Learning to sight read stuff helps me pay the bills, like last week... I made $800 as a session bassist, recording music for some group who wanted some bass lines in 4 songs.

  4. You did a good decision taking music lessons. So after some exercise we will listen to "For Elise" played by Keith Levy.
    Did you receive the tablature we sent you some months ago?
    Willi + Erika, who met you in March on Coromandel Peninsula.

  5. Thankyou all for your encouragement. I will send you all tickets to the Carnegie Hall concert. Erika, thankyou, I did get it but don't play it as well as Willi. So my fortune is assured PS, that's good to know...