Friday, May 23, 2014

Just Eight Days On The Road. This Family Has A Lifetime Of Memories Waiting To Happen...

Chrissy, Richard and eighteen month old Emma.
The world's newest Gypsies.
I met them a couple of days ago, Freedom Camping at Ohope, a beautiful place to be in New Zealand's Bay Of Plenty.
They'd been on the road just eight days on their way to a new lifestyle in their grand old lady, a 1965 SB3 Bedford. They're planning a lifetime of memories that are yet to happen.
Chrissy was a property manager, Richard's a plumber and Emma, well, she was a bit shy and didn't tell me what she'd been up to all her life.
But Chrissy and Richard know only too well that it's a rat race out there and they wanted more quality time as a family and to give their daughter the opportunities of a lifetime.
They're not prepared to sit around waiting for them to happen, they're making them happen...


  1. Wow ..that looks like a big bus! Enjoy yourselves guys....what a great thing to be doing!

  2. What a fabulous decision. Hope it goes well for them. Maybe ill bump into them when im out and about. Pip

  3. Love the old Bedford and a great life style choice.