Friday, May 9, 2014

This Is Unbelievable! This Politician Actually Believes That People's Happiness And Wellbeing Are More Important Than A Country's Economy...

My God I hear you exclaim.
It's not possible. Is it?
Obviously a political figure bent on self destruction the medical experts proclaim.
Quick, get him out of the public eye. Get him therapy. Just don't let the media know about his outrageous, radical and dangerous thinking.
This is not though the raving of a demented member of parliament attempting political suicide. No, this is the considered opinion of Lord Gus O'Donnell, onetime head of the civil service, current UK member of the IMF and Secretary to the Treasury.
He believes people's happiness and well being, Gross National Happiness, GNH, are more important that a country's GDP.
You can, after you get over the shock and sat down with a cup of tea, read more about it here.
Lord Gus I don't know what this outlandish idea is going to do for your career prospects but
I'd seriously consider moving to the UK
just so I could vote for you...


  1. We could use more men like him.

  2. I wish we had him here in Australia, but I guess Abbot would get rid of him somehow.
    Good post, thank you.
    Regards, Keith.

  3. The USA would send Drones after him.We had somebobylike him.Ralph Nader. They wouldn't lethim talk in National Debates.

  4. I wish we had him in the States, but I guess Monsanto would get rid of him.

  5. Wish we had him in the US, but the politicians in power would never tolerate such radical views & you can bet he would be a target for the IRS, CIA, FBI & phones would be tapped; drones would shadow him & he would be hounded 'til he gave up.

  6. First they would marginalize him, using the media to try to make him look ridiculous. If that didn't stop him, and he was actually starting to make difference, he might well come by an unfortunate accident, like Senator Wellstone.

    The Gross National Happiness index - didn't that start in Bhutan a couple of decades ago or so? I like the way it's been getting around.

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