Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's A Saunalautta. A Floating Sauna In Finland. What More Could You Want...

A couple of years ago, a group of friends in the city of Joensuu in Eastern Finland got together and made themselves a very different sort of pleasure craft, the ultimate floating sauna,
known as a Saunalautta.
What an idyllic way to relax. Lie in the sun in a hammock, jump into the very cold water and if you survive, get right back in the sauna and then you jump in the lake again. You've got the idea.
And this floating pleasure raft is available for rent should the idea of a holiday in Finland appeal to you. And why not. Joensuu is located at the mouth of the Pielisjoki River on the very beautiful Saimaa Lake system.
But you might build your own floating sauna.
What more could you want...


  1. I had to look . Joensuu is pretty far north... I'll bet that water is cold!

  2. I want one. . . and I live on a lake too.

  3. cut a hole in the sauna floor & fish at the same time, could also steam cook any catches......not for me!

  4. I like the fishing idea but the sauna would have to be b..... hot to attract me.