Monday, May 19, 2014

Eight Year Old CJ Takes On New Zealand's Tauranga Mayor And City Councilors...

The bureaucrats at New Zealand's Tauranga City Council got read the riot act from eight year old CJ Greenway when, for cost cutting reasons, they decided to close the popular mobile library.
Unfair he said at the rostrum that was many sizes too big for him, and went on to tell the mayor and the councilors just how and why the library bus was an important part of his life.
With help from his Bethlehem Primary School classmates the articulate young man presented a petition to Mayor Stuart Grosly to back up his impressive speech.
Reading is knowledge said CJ and
knowledge is power.
It would take a brave and stupid council to not heed the words of this youngster.
From the mouths of babes...


  1. Hi, Stuart Crosby is the mayor, here is his email address, in case you want to support CJ too.

  2. Oh, ever thankful for the CJ's of the world! May his tribe increase and the powers listen and act.