Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Karl Is Very Proud Of His 1947 Ford Housebus...

Karl is very proud of his 1947 Ford Housebus. And so he should be.
It's beautiful and turned my head when he arrived at the Department of Conservation's Matata Campground a few days ago.
It's his bach, which is a name New Zealander's give to their basic holiday homes.
He bought the bus way back in 1987 for two thousand dollars and has been all around the country more than a couple of times too.
Fortunately Karl's a mechanic and will be able to keep his pride and joy on the road
for a few more years yet.
The Hawkes Bay Motor Company were the original owners and Karl's bus
was their number thirty nine.
For Karl it will always be his number one... 


  1. What a beautiful bus. Karl has done a great job of doing it up and turning it into a home. A great buy for $2000.

  2. He dose look very proud and a good looker too.

  3. cute as a red wagon!

  4. Keeping such a motor vehicle on the road all these years, hooray for Karl!! Would love to see some interior photos, but just knowing someone is out there living the life is pretty sweet.