Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Very Gorgeous Little Rocket Mass Type Terracotta Stove...

A friend of mine found this gorgeous little
Rocket mass type terracotta stove at a farmers market in Switzerland and just had to bring it home to New Zealand.
It's one of the cutest little cookers or heaters I've seen and with the addition of a small (55mm) flue with a couple of bends in it to protrude through an opening in the window, it will sit very well on a table in her housetruck.
And cooking and heating will be only
a few twigs away...


  1. Hey! I need something like that for my back yard. How hard is it to make terra cotta - I fancy you have to fire the clay?

  2. how far does the chimney go down inside of the rocket stove?

    1. Its little chimney is about four inches or 100mm from the firebox to the top that you can see. I think it would be possible to place a good fitting stainless or copper flue into the hole. The stove is about 450mm long, 270mm wide and 170mm high not including its little flue.

  3. The clay was fired and the stove originally had a copper flue. I think this stove is a perfect example of beauty and functionality...it's the warmth of the natural materials.

  4. It would probably annoy my landlord. That's another good reason for doing it.