Saturday, May 10, 2014

Allie and Kevin, Urban Refugees And Hippies From Wayback...

While Freedom Camping at Te Awanga in the Hawkes Bay in recent months, I've been lucky enough to meet many interesting folk and and a few kindred spirits too, as they pass this way.
Allie and Kevin turned up from Dannevirke, an hour or so south of here, to enjoy the beauty of the area and parking in such close proximity to the sea as they head north.
It's the beach that weeps with deserted waves Allie writes, we sleep there because we know we'll be safe there.
Kevin's been living the dream for about ten years and the property he shares with Allie is back to basics. Off grid living with Solar power, composting toilet and laundry done in a bucket before it's put through an old fashioned wringer and hung out to dry in the breeze.
Their vegetable garden supplements their food supply and life is good.
Living outside the system Kevin says is even better than good.
Allie's been on the road since the seventies in a variety of housetrucks and buses. She's currently got a house on the back of a flatbed truck. She's a writer of poetry with some thirty books having been published and used in the New Zealand school system. She's also an artist and a wonderful craftsperson and for many years worked and travelled with New Zealand's famous Gypsy Fair.
I'm delighted there's now a few of Allie's pieces enhancing my tiny home, adding to my collection of original New Zealand art.
Until we meet again. Love and Peace...


  1. You meet the nicest people while out and about.

  2. I'd love to know more about that stove, it looks brilliant! As do their lives. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. MJ, the outdoor stove is just the inside of an old oven and it's sitting on an old metal crate. Simple eh...

    2. Simple and perfect! How smart is that??

  3. Hippies who stayed with the dream and didn't sell out to go work for The Man are some of my favorite people. I think I've expressed my regret before that I didn't opt for the nomadic lifestyle a long long time ago. Foolish me!

    Those stained glass flowers are wonderful. Notice how stained glass lets you see the light and colors of this material world, and yet still imposes upon them its own alternate (and often more beautiful) reality.

  4. FANTASTIC, wish I was there with you instead of enduring the dreary wet of Vancouver Island