Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Here's A Gorgeous Little Gypsy Camper Called Buddy...

The builder of this gorgeous little 70sq ft Gypsy camper who's name I don't know, so I'll call him Nomame, has been making furniture for over fifteen years, became unfulfilled, you know, how one does, needed to try his hand at something different and lo and behold created this wonderfully simple and very gorgeous little Gypsy camper called Buddy.
Buddy sits on the deck of a 1960 4x4 Dodge Power Wagon with just the right amount of faded paintwork and a few dings and dents.
Together with Miss Noname his fiancee, and inspired by their own wonderful effort they've put Buddy up for sale here and are looking forward to turning more simple dreams into reality.
They obviously know the saying, if you can dream it you can do it...


  1. If I did the things I dream, I would undoubtedly be prosecuted and punished....

  2. What a cute little Buddy this is! I could imagine having it as my Buddy...

  3. I did not feel a connection to this--reminds me of my son's "fort", built w found lumber & other objects, by his playmates & himself when he was about 7-8. Not much charm or imagination--more a hodge/podge.

    1. You're welcome to your opinion Anonymous but I find it a very honest and simple piece of art on wheels...

  4. I prefer some living comfort in my simple honesties.

    This was fun when I was a carny...not any longer.

  5. Mr Sharkey is back!!!