Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Bones Of The Largest Creature To Have Ever Existed Have Been Found In Argentina...

A local Patagonian farm worker who fortunately knew a femur from his little finger, just happened to be in an area well known for important dinosaur discoveries recently and came across some gigantic bones that had been just lying there waiting to be found for around
ninety five million years.
Hey mum look what I've found he shouted. Weighing more that he did, he could hardly drag the monster bone home and show her.
Palaeontologists say this Argentinian dinosaur would have measured 130 feet long and weighed in at 77 tonnes. It would have been the largest creature to have every walked on the earth. There's more about the exciting find here.
This dinosaur wouldn't be the sort of thing you'd want to meet up with on a dark night when you were coming home after a few drinks...