Friday, May 2, 2014

Flavio Tosi, Mayor Of Italy's Verona. Nominated For The 2014 Most Despicable Person Of The Year Award...

Mr Tosi. It is none of my business how you conduct your mayoralty of Verona but if the media reports are true then I wish you to know that I find your behavior towards your fellow man absolutely disgusting.
That you with your right-wing stance should impose fines on a 'local homeless charity' for doing unto others that which they'd choose to have done to them' is in my opinion, a despicable act against humanity.
So Mr Tosi, I'm nominating you for the 2014 Most Despicable Person Of The Year Award.
Don't think that you'll score an easy victory though, there are plenty of other arrogant bastardos like you in the world vying for the title but I'm sure you're in with a damn good chance.
You're right up there with the best of the worst...


  1. In San Francisco the police have long since suppressed the activities of a group called Food Not Bombs, who were serving meals to the homeless near City Hall. So this ideology appears to be pretty widespread.

  2. Controlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  3. I disagree,, to point,,the mayor is a good historian. the roman empire failed because of public welfare ballooned out of control,,,just as the usa is 40 % welfare and collapsing fasterby the year,not centuries.
    bravo smart mayor...

    1. What would Christ do?I bet he wouldn't turn his back.He would lend them a hand.

  4. Homeless people receiving private charity are not the same as people on welfare, so there is no logical connection. Moreover, the Roman Empire fell because its expansionist growth model ran into hard limits, not because of public benefits, lax morals, too many orgies or any of the other red herrings that Rome's downfall typically gets blamed on. Conquering and administrating territories ceased to be profitable once those territories had been sucked dry of all their wealth. This is what typically happens to empires eventually and it's one of the major reasons why the US is going down: it has run into inherent limits of various kinds.

    I forgot to mention that in the very wealthy town of Santa Barbara, California some years ago there was quite a fad for beating up homeless people. Maybe some more cruelty and Scroogeism will help the economy.