Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Introducing The Sada. The Spokeless Hubless Bicycle That Folds To The Size Of An Umbrella...

The evolution of the bicycle continues to be exciting to watch. Now there's Gianluca Sada and his spokeless, hubless bicycle with standard twenty six inch wheels that folds down to the size of an umbrella.
Or a small backpack.
Soon I suppose someone will design a bikeless bicycle that fits in your pocket but perhaps
I'm just being silly. Again.
There's more about the Sada here and Gianluca is looking for funding, who isn't, to develop his working prototype even further...


  1. I wonder if it will get beyond the prototype. I wonder if the spokes can really be dispensed with in the search for lightness and portability. It's so interesting that we want everything small and portable - even down to a bikeless bike...! Maybe it's because we have had too much for too long...?

  2. I wonder how the wheels would behave with a little sand or mud. ?? Still, good looking bike.

  3. Right... Can't help but wonder which would be more useful during a downpour, the brolly, or the bike...