Sunday, May 18, 2014

If You Want To Spend A Penny, These Public Toilets Have Been Voted The Best In The World...

The design professionals from Design Corial waded their way through thousands of entries from all over the world in their quest to find the best designed public toilets.
Perhaps the most bizarre of the winners at number three are these weird and wonderful Kumuoto toilets on New Zealand's
Wellington waterfront.
The rustic roadside facility, my favourite, in Lofoten, Norway was fourth and second was the round weathered roofed Graviculture M Toilet
in Miki City, Japan.
And the bright yellow structure resembling a block of cheese, another in the top ten is situated in Japan's Hiroshima Park.
You're probably busting to go by now but just hang on a bit before you make your choice.
The all that glitters isn't always gold toilets at Wembly were in the honours list despite not being able to see the game from in there.
The Restroom, in Texas,looking like some sort of sculpture was also in the top ten and the oh so boring public toilets in Sydney Australia's Centennial Park somehow took top honours.
Ok, you can go now...


  1. What a great idea for things to spot while travelling -

  2. Sigh . . . and to think I'm happy just to fine a semi-clean one.

  3. Well, there is something to look for when travelling around the World. But still my favorite public toilets are the ones in Kawakawa designed by Hundertwasser. The organic curves, ceramic tiles, small sculptures, copper, iron and recycled bottles are fantastic.

    1. I delight in the Hundertwasser toilets at Kawakawa Hanne and always stop there on my way through that little town.
      Both he and the now world farmous toilets have featured here a couple of times too. and
      There is the possibility that the city of Whangarei will build a large Hundertwasser complex there in the near future. I hope so...

  4. If you've gotta go, I mean sweat pouring,teeth clenching,slow walking,Etc,etc, then maybe architecture of the dunnie is of a low priority.Those Aussies you've got to love them don't you, what would lower Queen St be without them ?