Thursday, June 20, 2013

Aaron Maret's Beautiful And Simple Rustic Home On Wheels Is Inspirational...

Aaron Maret is a self professed design geek.
It shows.
His little Pocket Shelter house on wheels made from recycled materials is an inspiration to all.
It's certainly one of the most beautiful I've seen and may well be seen as a benchmark for others to aspire to.
It's been five years in the making and the long gestation period for all sorts of reasons, lack of finance being one, does allow new ideas to form on ideas and so on. Often the best results are obtained by working slowly, it certainly gives space to find recyclable materials that will be needed.
Aaron and his partner are passionate about small spaces and simple living and ideas from treehouses and boats have also inspired the outcome of this wonderful home.
One of the things I love most about the interior is the use of timber slabs with free formed edges.
Have a look at how he's used this beautiful natural product throughout this unique space. Don't miss the cooktop bench with the angled cooker. Great design and wonderful attention to detail.
I could rave about this little house all day but I'll resist the urge.
Do look here for more information though.
Congratulations Aaron...

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  1. Gosh that is simply beautiful. Guess there are them that do and them that don't...sighs!

  2. That is nice!!! I see where it would take five years to complete.

  3. What we need is enough space and freedom to build out escape vehicles and places to take them. Money isn't the big issue.

  4. Lovely work done on this little home. I like some of the ideas for our boat, particularly the natural edge shelves and tops. Nice find Keith.